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Gift it Right
Gift it Right

  • About Us

    Over the years we have had our share of buying gifts for a variety of different occasions, and have therefore had a lot of wrapping to do to achieve the right presentation and look.

    We care about carefully completing the look of the gift because it adds to the immediate expression of the person receiving the gift.  It gives us pleasure to color coordinating wrapping paper and bows, match the wrapping to the personality of the person in mind, to see the finished result.

    We enjoy what we do, and have fun relieving the pressure off those who don't particularly like gift wrapping.  Sometimes people don't feel they have the skill for it or just don't have the patience or the time. 

    So we decided to offer a service to help people wrap their gifts giving it the final presentation. 

    How We Are Different

    We Save You Time!

    Unlike gift wrapping booths in the mall, there are no long lines to stand in and wait for our service.  Book an appointment at your convenience. Choose a date and time, so you know exactly when we will be wrapping your gifts for you.

    We Come To You!

    You may have bought a variety of gifts from different places, some at the mall and maybe some from online.  You don't need to take your gifts anywhere to be wrapped.  We come to your home or office to wrap them all at one time. So you don't have the hassle of having to bring them anywhere.